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"There's a glorious central performance from Turner as Odhran, a warm, clever young woman with a gift for song and storytelling"

- Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, on The Idiot at the Wall

"Incredibly well-written...stimulating, compelling - this work expresses a grand ambition"

- Carolina Morais, The List, on SpectreTown

Welcome :-) I am an Edinburgh-based actor, writer and musician. 


I believe thoroughly in the power of art to question, change, minister, galvanize and heal. Though I love witnessing and sharing in many forms of art,  I focus mainly on theatre, film and music in my own work and practice. Take a look around the site to see what I do, and my journey so far. I have been really fortunate in working with and learning from countless amazing people along the way, but I have loads more to learn, so feel free to be in touch with questions or comments. And I'm on Twitter @bettywrote so come say hi!


Els xo

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